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Guangdong: By 2025, non -fossil energy consumption accounts for 32%

Author:Maktech View:223 Time:2022-09-21 01:00:40

On September 16, the Guangdong Provincial People's Government issued the \"Implementation Plan for Energy -Saving Energy -saving and Emissions\" in Guangdong Province.The \"Implementation Plan\" clearly states that by 2025, the power consumption of GDP region in the province will decrease by 14.0%compared with 2020, and the total energy consumption will be reasonably controlled.The emission reduction was 197,300 tons, 09,800 tons, 73,800 tons, and 49,900 tons.By 2025, the proportion of non -fossil energy consumption will reach about 32%.Before the end of 2022, the seven parent process of the province has basically completed the ultra -low emission transformation; before 2025, the province's steel enterprises have completed ultra -low emissions transformation in accordance with national requirements.