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Emergency Management Department: Further focus on major hidden dangers and key matters in industries such as steel, aluminum processing

Author:Maktech View:290 Time:2022-06-16 16:15:42

Yang Zhihui, the Supervision Commissioner of the Safety Law Enforcement and Industry and Trade Supervision Bureau of the Emergency Management Department, stated at the June 9th press conference on June 9 that the Emergency Management Department decided to be in the industry and trade industry in early June to early September from the beginning of September to September.Carry out the \"100 Days Clearance Action\" for special safety production.In order to profoundly learn the recent typical accident lessons, effectively prevent the major security risks of the industrial and trade industry, resolutely curb the occurrence of major special accidents, further focus on major hidden dangers and key matters such as steel, aluminum processing, dust explosion and other industries, and deployed this timeClear zero action. \"