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Tangshan: Back furnaces below 1,000 cubic meters or less than 100 tons by the end of 2022

Author:Maktech View:193 Time:2022-06-16 16:15:46

Recently, Tangshan City released the implementation plan of high -level industrial foundation and the improvement of the modernization level of the industrial chain. The plan mentioned in the plan that the level of emissions of key industries was vigorously reduced.Strictly control coal consumption, increase coal reduction in key industries such as steel, chemical industry, building materials, and electricity, and the use of coal reduction replacement for new and expanded and expanded projects to promote the clean and efficient use of coal cleaning.Deepen the implementation of ultra -low emission transformation in key industries such as steel, chemical industry, and building materials, and strengthen the in -depth management of industrial kiln and boilers.By the end of 2022, a blast furnace of below 1,000 cubic meters and below 100 tons were completely shut down.